I was one of four rookies on Team Brandon/Roper/Shalley (known in the evenings as “Team Moza”). What a blessing it was to be part of the team and to experience God’s love as shared through the work of Porch de Salomon! We dug house foundation “footers,” hand mixed concrete and distributed over 300 pairs of shoes to barefoot village folk. Each morning, our devotionals challenged us, brought us closer as a team and helped strengthen our faith.

We were privileged to be the first team to stay in the recently purchased “Hotel California” and see (and hear!) the remodeling of the “new Porch” underneath. The

entire local Porch team showed us so much hospitality.
This was my first global mission trip; it was the most spiritually invigorating experience of my life. Helping Santos and Francisco’s family, and experiencing their deep gratitude, opened my eyes to mission work. I thank God and everyone involved for this experience.

Chris Holley is a husband, father, executive director of the Florida Association of Counties and church officer in Tallahassee, FL