What we do


Porch de Salomon is a response to several families and their friends being called into lives of love and service in Panajachel, Guatemala. We strive to bring the first-century church’s spirit of adventure, risk, service, and even fun to those who live in a 21st-century world. Solomon’s Porch was an ancient, open place where people seeking transformation gathered to explore Jesus of Nazareth’s radical message of love and redemption.

Porch de Salomon is a unique and progressive, non-profit ministry which, since 2005, has loved, served, and encouraged “the lost, the least, and the last” (and others!) of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan basin by:

*Hosting short-term mission teams: indigenous home construction (94 quality
houses built!), community building construction, medical/dental/vision/audiology clinics, and
relation building
* Providing high-impact, year-round, humanitarian relief to indigenous people: food, clean water, infant relief, medicine, school scholarships, substance abuse recovery, counseling, and more
* Operating Solomon’s Porch café/worship gathering
* Live music outreach, community service, and creative partnering in Panajachel’s
“hippie” and expatriate communities
* Encouraging high-impact spiritual growth in individuals and congregations through
their involvement in Porch’s work in Guatemala.

If you are looking for an experience or relationship that will challenge you, help start or stretch your faith, and draw you into something bigger than yourself, we welcome you to be a part of what God is doing through Porch de Salomon.