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Dave Evans – Team Chicago – March 2017

Thanks for hosting our team – everyone had a great experience, and seemed to expand their vision of the good work they can do. This team also had some real synergy around expanding their relationship with God through connecting with each other and telling their stories.
 Myself, I am much more aware this week about “what matters most” in my journey with God into unknown territories…I’m so grateful for Porch de Salomon and the opportunity to be in Panajachel again!

Dave Evans, leader Team Chicago/St. Michael’s Episcopal/St. Mark’s Episcopal,
March 2017

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Kyle Brown – Geist Christian Church – November 2016

Our short-term team had a blast and loved the ministry and work you are doing with “the lost, the least, and the last” of Guatemala. One team member, who has been on many mission trips, expressed how Porch de Salomon was one of the most efficient, from the top to the bottom. That is high praise, because he is a stickler for details.

Lindsey and the team did a great job in the Monroe’s absence. She was thoughtful and engaging with our group and made us feel at home during our week there.

Rev. Kyle Brown, Minister for Connections and Outreach, Geist Christian Church
(Indianapolis IN), November 2016



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Morgan Van Horn – Tallahassee – 2015 (third from left in photo above)

I’ve never been welcomed into a home and extended “family” such as Porch de Salomon’s. I now feel as if I have a family and a home of my own in Guatemala. Ofelia (in photo below) especially touched my heart; this little indigenous nina, and this trip, have become important stepping-stones in my life. Here are three more of these “stones”:

1. We all smile in the same language.
Guatemalans are generous with their ear-to-ear smiles, and I can feel God here. The people are

simple, the gestures are simple. Their land, crops, and families are clearly important to them. I feel as if I can move mountains. We worked hard to help build Ofelia’s family house; digging a ten-foot septic tank, hand mixing concrete, moving cinder blocks, or carrying water. There were endless laughs… along with daily “blood, sweat, and tears” as our team strived to make a difference. We were told to make our own connections with the children and families. Team leader “Flower Nancy” said they would steal our heart. I can assure you my heart was stolen but I’m not ready to take it back. I am okay with this.

2. God is a home.
It’s as simple as that; God is a home and we helped build homes. I am 20 years young and God is moving through Porch de Salomon in ways I can’t account for.

3. Remember everything you saw.
I keep repeating this to myself. It was all so very real; dirt and tin, tarps and cardboard walls, a hole

in the earth for a toilet, a Wall Street Journal being utilized as a mat, famished children, fields of corn, volcanoes, beautiful smiles, toothless smiles, gold tooth smiles. We all smile in the same […]

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Michael Bateman, Team Element 3, June 2015

A CHANGE OF TASTE by Michael Bateman
I never felt “called” to the global mission field. Even hearty encouragement by experienced people fell on deaf ears. Things like “making of new friends” and “having a real connection with the indigenous people” and “making a difference to the children” seemed pretty unlikely to happen with me. I’m just not that kind of person. I don’t deal well with new people, never mind the foreign culture and language barriers. Engaging with children is WAY outside of my comfort zone. No, the mission thing was for someone else.
There were too many unknowns. How do we build a house when I’m not an experienced builder, and with my bad back? Would my talents be wasted or unappreciated? Will the work actually help the situation, or will it be despised as charity from the wealthy Americans? How is the whole thing accomplished? What if I don’t know what to do or have control over the situation. No, the mission thing was definitely for someone else.
Upon arrival in Guatemala, very little felt familiar, and I was already pretty sure that this would be my LAST time doing this. However, after our first day’s work, and after meeting the single mother of five children we were helping, my heart began to melt. People of different cultures are pretty much the same, and verbal communication might be over-rated. I was overwhelmed with the love and open arms of the families we served. Each morning began with hugs and genuine smiles from each and every family member. We were building these people a better place to live and grow their family, and they really appreciated our help. After several days, our mission team, the […]

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Rev. Kelly Jo Clark, Union Congregational Church (Crested Butte, Colorado)

THANK YOU so much for an amazing trip, Porch de Salomon!!!  I’ve done a lot of these types of trips and you and your crew are “above and beyond” in the experience you offer.  My whole group was very impressed (and they are a tough crowd!) with the work we did, with your staff, with the immersion into Guatemalan life, with the accommodations and food, etc.  Everything was truly top-notch!  Please pass these praises off to your staff!

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Rev. Diane Faires, St. Paul’s Christian Church (Raleigh, NC)

If anyone is looking for a great overseas organization to partner with, check out Porch de Solomon. They’re organized, compassionate, and seek to empower local people. (July 2014)

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Chris Holley testimony (Tallahassee, FL)


I was one of four rookies on Team Brandon/Roper/Shalley (known in the evenings as “Team Moza”). What a blessing it was to be part of the team and to experience God’s love as shared through the work of Porch de Salomon! We dug house foundation “footers,” hand mixed concrete and distributed over 300 pairs of shoes to barefoot village folk. Each morning, our devotionals challenged us, brought us closer as a team and helped strengthen our faith.

We were privileged to be the first team to stay in the recently purchased “Hotel California” and see (and hear!) the remodeling of the “new Porch” underneath. The

entire local Porch team showed us so much hospitality.
This was my first global mission trip; it was the most spiritually invigorating experience of my life. Helping Santos and Francisco’s family, and experiencing their deep gratitude, opened my eyes to mission work. I thank God and everyone involved for this experience.

Chris Holley is a husband, father, executive director of the Florida Association of Counties and church officer in Tallahassee, FL 

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Gina Gravatt testimony (Ione, CA team)


THANKS for an amazing week Melanie, Lloyd, Will, Guatemala Joe, Mirna and kitchen ladies, Noe, Nik and construction crew and all the wonderful people who serve through the Porch. We are blessed to call you friends and even more blessed to call you brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep up the Kingdom work y’all!!!
Team leader Gina Gravatt, Ione CA

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Jeff Sumner testimony (Olive Branch Church, IN)

Recently, a group from the church I serve went to Porch de Salomon for the purpose of working together for the people in and around Panajachel. This is the first of this kind of trip I have taken. Naturally, I went into this trip with all kinds of assumptions and expectations.
One moment especially memorable happened while our team assisted a family by building them a home. One of our team members, a fifteen-year-old young lady, enjoyed playing with the children of the family we were assisting. She was looking at one child, while another child sat on her lap. The child sitting on her lap spontaneously reached up and kissed her on her cheek. The sight of this kind of love and connection brought tears to my eyes. It was a reminder to me of the importance of leaving my comfort zone to see that relationships can take place in spite of the challenges of cultural barriers.

Another important moment happened through a conversation with two gentlemen on the terrace of Porch de Salomon. We discussed the activities of the week and the different approach taken by the ministry of the Porch. I would define the Porch’s approach as highly relational. While the model of ministry can be a little messy because of it’s relational nature, it reminds me of our Lord’s command to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19a, NIV). I am also reminded of our Lord’s example as He went from town to town, walking the countryside with the intention of meeting needs through loving service. Christ was so focused on reaching those in need, it was said, “Here is glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and […]

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